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how it started

A teacher's heart, a mother's hope, and God's instruction all combined to form Carolina Christian Academy in 2008. 

how it's

Still planting seeds. Continuous growth. Seeing the fruit. 

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where we're

A vision for Carolina Christian Academy, our community, and our world. 


IAs a public school educator, Crystal Rumfelt knew the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional school. 

As a mother, she wanted a Christian education for her children. Unfortunately there was not a Christian school option within reasonable driving distance. 

As a teacher, she wanted to provide opportunities for other families who desired a Christ-filled environment for their children as well. 

In 2008, God made a way for those hopes and dreams to come true. Carolina Christian Academy began as an early childhood development program in Young Harris, GA. As the children grew in inches, the school grew too, adding a grade each year. 

Soon after, the school moved into FFWBC' of Hayesville's building. With an endowment from Della Reece, the school had classrooms within the building to use. 

The church has faithfully supported the Academy's growth throughout the years.

How It Started

How It's Going

In 2023-2024, CCA will serve grades Kindergarten through seventh grade with the intention of adding 8th grade the following year. 

We were pleased to see our first graduating class of alumni in 2022. CCA's very first students from 2008 graduated high school this past year. These students think fondly on their time at CCA. Having attended other public and private schools in their upper grades, they realize what they loved most about CCA. Many students from that class were separated by school districts after CCA, but they have maintained friendships with each other. The bonds they formed here were formed in Christ which are connections that cannot be severed. 

We have already seen the impact for Christ those first students have had. They are leaders amongst their peers, receving athletic scholarships to universities, achieving college credits while enrolled in high school, etc. Some of our students have already begun recording and streaming music. 

Recently at Christian Unit Revival, alumni Payton McCracken answered the call to preach. His first sermon is available to watch via FFWBC's media on their website.

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