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Children in School

Carolina Christian Academy

As a private Christian school Carolina Christian Academy relies heavily on contributions from generous donors to help offset the costs of providing a quality Christian Education that our students deserve. 

Why Should I Give to Carolina Christian Academy?

When you give to Carolina Christian Academy, you are not just investing in a child's education, you are helping to spread the gospel and love of Jesus Christ in children. This is an investment that has eternal rewards!

Does tuition not cover the cost? Unfortunately, no it does not. This means that each year we must raise funds to help bridge the financial gap in order to cover our operating expenses. We do our best to keep tuition as low as possible to give as many students possible an opportunity to attend Carolina Christian Academy, while minimizing the financial impact on our student families.

Giving is easy. Simply complete the form below to make a donation to Carolina Christian Academy. It is easy to setup your donation repeat your donation by selecting the "recurring giving" box within the form. Thank you for your support!

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