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Liberal Arts



God is first a Creator. He created all the beauty we see and hear in this world. The art of creativity stems from Him and here at Carolina Christian Academy we hope to glorify God through our own creative endeavors.

Our beloved children are given every opportunity to grow and learn in the arts and sciences. Why?


Because we believe in the values of art education!

Firstly, God values the arts. Even in the building of the ark of the covenant, God had given artisans their skill so as to be used for such a purpose (Exodus 31).


Secondly, it is proven that arts education raises standard academic achievement through standardized testing. Children are better able to understand the curriculum when they have been immersed in it through activities and when connections have been made across subjects.


Last and not least, we hope to raise up innovators for Christ. The education we provide in the arts and sciences of theatre, music, fine arts, multimedia technology, foreign language, and engineering develops our students’ abilities to evaluate and synthesize information. Leaders are developed through thinking critically and problem-solving. In arts education at CCA, our students learn these skills and are given the opportunity to put their ideas into actions.

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