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Music and Spanish Classes

Carolina Christian Academy is pleased to offer music and Spanish classes to home schooled students instructed by Mrs. Carolyn Filer.

Music/Spanish: Classes are Wednesday and Friday afternoons, Kindergarten through 5th grade.

If you have a child older than 5th grade who is interested in Music and/or Spanish classes contact Mrs Filer at

Music Teacher: Mrs. Carolyn Filer

Mrs. Filer has an Associates Fine Arts in Music degree from Young Harris College. She has received numerous awards for both piano and theory, and has directed multiple ensembles and choirs. Mrs. Filer has been with CCA for 11 years.


Mrs. Filer not only teaches our music students to sing, she also teaches them how to read music through her teaching music theory. Our students learn multiple songs with various levels of difficulty in addition to learning how to play musical instruments such as hand bells and flutaphones. Mrs. Filer also prepares her music students for two performances a year (in which she and Ms. Rose work closely together).  A Christmas program is performed toward the end of first semester, and a spring program concluding 2nd Semester.

Mrs. Filer also teaches individual piano lessons. These lessons are coordinated with Mrs. Filer and she accepts new students as slots become available. 

Cost for Music classes- $80 per student per Semester

(1st Semester Aug. 14, 2020-Jan. 8, 2021)

(2nd Semester Jan. 11-May 21, 2020)

Sibling Deal- $80 for one child, $60 for each additional child (25% Discount)

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