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Homework Lab

What is Homework Lab? Homework Lab will be for students who need extra help with their homework assignments, or for students who are having difficulty completing homework assignments at home.

When is Homework Lab? Homework Lab is offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 3:00-4:00 pm. Students MUST be picked up by or before 4:00pm, unless arrangements and payment have been made in advance for After School.

Where is the homework lab held? The homework Lab is separate from the After School program and will be held in a different location than After School. Homework Lab will be held in one of the academic classrooms. Students will not be allowed to go to After School from Homework Lab UNLESS the parent has paid in advance for After School.

Is there a cost? Yes. Most tutoring services cost anywhere form $10-$20 an hour. The cost of our tutoring session is $5 for the hour. Payment must be given in advance or the day of the session.

Is homework Lab required? Homework lab is a service CCA is providing for students who need extra help with their homework assignments, or who are having difficulty completing their homework assignments at home. However, if a student has missed turning in 3 or more homework assignments, the teacher may recommend the student for required homework lab session(s). The student is to attend homework lab until ALL assignments are caught up and have been turned in to the teacher. Payment is required for all Homework Lab sessions including required sessions. If the parent chooses not to send the student to homework lab after a recommendation has been given by the child's teacher, this dismissal will factor into the decision of allowing the student to return to CCA the following school year.

Note from the principal: We are excited about offering this new tutoring service to our students. We hope this extension of school hours proves to be helpful and beneficial for both the parents and students alike.        

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