Tuition:  CCA provides the following payment options  


Registration / Application Fee:   $100.00

Matriculation Fee: $250.00*


Full Payment:  $3,000.00.  For those who pay the entire years tuition on or before the first day of school. If a child is withdrawn by the parent before December 1 of the school year, half a year's tuition will be refunded.  If a parent withdraws on or after January 1, no refund will be given.


Monthly: $3,500.00  for those who pay ten equal payments of $350.00 each on the 1st day of each month.  The 1st payment is due by the first day of school; the last payment will be due on May 1st.


Any additional child in the same family will be  25% off the option you choose from above.


Returned check charge: $35.00


Late payment fee: $25.00.  Monthly tuition is due and payable on the first day of each month.  There will be a late charge of $25.00 on any account when the account has not been paid by the 10th of the month.


Activities:  Cost associated with special activities, field trips, and catered lunches are not included in tuition and are the responsibility of the parent.


*Non refundable


Withdrawals:  Parents withdrawing students from our school MUST complete the withdrawal process through the school office.  Students enrolled one day in a month will owe the full month's tuition. Student records will not be forwarded on past due accounts. 

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