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Help us share God's love to others.


Giving generously is a core value of CCAcademy.

We give our students and families various opportuities throughout the yar to bless others in the community either through service or material goods. 

Our hope is to teach them that giving benefits the giver as much as the receiver. 

When you give to CCAcademy, you invest in the future of our students AND their impact for Christ. 

Operating Cost

We pride ourselves on providing a loving, Christian environment in which students can excel academically, socially, and spiritually at a cost that is within economic reach for our local area. However, this means that tuition does not begin to cover the cost to provide such excellence on a daily basis. 

School Improvement

The same way we encourage our students to improve we want to improve and provide a better environment and opportunities each year. Through donations, grants, and fundraising efforts our school has been able to improve its technology resources by 100% this year with Promethian Baords in each classroom and 1-1 technology on boarding soon. We have bigger plans in the future for playground structural improvements, performing arts programming, and updated classroom furniture. 


We want every child to have the best opportunity to grow in their calling from God. We know that's exactly what parents/guardians want for their children too.  Unfortunately, the reality is that money can be a barrier for providing those opportunities. Through generous donations, people just like you make the impossible possible. 

You choose where your money goes.

Simply specify in the Notes section.

Please add your email address and

we will let you know how you've blessed our


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  Carolina Christian Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. What does that mean? It means any contribution you make can be claimed as a tax deduction. It also means any contribution you make goes directly to the education and development of the students at Carolina Christian Academy. 


Not in a place where you can donate right now but you still want to help?

Here are three ways you can help :


At Carolina Christian, we believe in the power of prayer. Please pray protection, provision and guidance over our teachers, staff, students and families.

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