Studies show that most students lose at least some knowledge that they gained during the school year over the course of summer vacation.  However, in some instances, students are profoundly affected by lapses in instruction.  The best remedy for regression is to prevent it from happening!

    During the summer, CCA offers a 6 week tutoring program for remedial learning or for further enrichment.  Some parents also use the summer program as an opportunity to help their child get ahead in the core subjects of reading and math.


    Last year the students in Mrs. Pam's summer school program all made a gain of a least a year in reading! One parent said it best when she explained that "It is hard for me to get my child to read and study over the summer break, but Mrs. Pam has a way of making learning fun while keeping disciplined routines.  It was well worth the extra time and money to make sure she was ready for the challenges of the next grade!"


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